Australia’s Leading Provider Of Trade Credit Insurance Solutions for Livestock Agents

Stockinsure is the name given to the Debtor Insurance Programme administered by The Stock & Station Agents Co-operative Limited of Australia. The Co-op was established for the benefit of members who wish to insure their unpaid sales proceeds. The Co-op is the leader within its sphere of operations with an insured turnover approximating $2 billion to major Australian meat processors, butchers, abattoirs, feedlotters and live exporters. We are the dominant provider of quality credit insurance solutions for stock and station agents throughout the country.

The Co-Operative currently obtains the insurance cover through four underwriters.

The Co-Op is administered by a Board of Directors, who provide valuable local knowledge as well as sound governance, along with three staff.  The Co-Op also conducts random audits as part of its ongoing supervision of the policy.  The size of the Co-Op and its credit management record has given it the purchasing power to enable it to provide benefits to members that are not matched elsewhere.

The Stock & Station Agents Co-operative Limited was formed on the 23rd of August 1994 as the Central West Selling Agents Co-operative Limited. It was then changed to NSW Stock & Station Agents Co-operative Ltd before taking its current name in 2001. Since its establishment, the Co-op has helped members around Australia by supporting their cash flow and working towards maintaining their survival in an increasingly competitive industry.