Stock & Station Agents Co-operative Limited

The Stock & Station Agents Co-operative Limited was founded in 1994 to provide sound support for members throughout Australia by protecting their cash flow.   Due to the dynamic nature of the livestock industry, our establishment has played a vital role in the Stock & Station Agents profession  throughout the country

An Industry Leader

Our members now insure a turnover approximating 2 billion. We help members protect their sales proceeds with insurance cover for an all-inclusive cost.  There are no additional costs, such as admin fees, stamp duty, mercantile reports and general administration.


The Insurance Cover

The Co-operative purchases and administers insurance policies from four insurance companies. Members of the Co-operative are named on each of the insurance policies as “joint insureds”. Cover provided by the policy is 90% on insured debts, and for a small levy on sales made to insured buyers (nominated on the list provided to members) a member can cover their costs.

 Joining The Co-op

To join the Co-op all necessary application documents must be completed along with the purchase of shares in the Co-op. A disclosure document is available on request. Once we receive all documents these are forwarded to the Insurers who in turn register your inclusion as a joint insured to their respective policies. A share certificate will then be forwarded to you. The Co-op will redeem your shares in the event that you wish to cease your membership.

The Co-operative

The Co-operative was formed on 23 August 1994 as the Central West Selling Agents Co-operative Limited, changing its name on 27 May 1998 to NSW Stock & Station Agents Co-operative Ltd and again on 26 September 2001 to the present title of Stock & Station Agents Co-operative Limited.

The Co-operative has become a leader within its sphere of operations with its members insuring turnover in approximating $2 billion incorporating the major Australian buyers in the fields of meat processing, butchers, abattoirs, feedlots and live exporters.